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GramMars Wars

GramMars Wars is an educational game about English grammar. Learn grammar while leveling up a team of cards that you can collect and will help you to defeat the English & ESL questions in the form of evil aliens.

You’ll learn about nouns, compound adjectives, linking verbs, verb tenses, sentence composition, and much more.

Grammar Wars belong to a new generation of engaging online games, where the player will be able to not only learn but also collect and improve their team using cards and unique skills. Thanks to strategic thinking, the player can bypass some of the most challenging questions.



Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Modifiers, and Sentence Composition.


Collect, level up, and evolve 34 unique experiments.


Rank against other players.

Vocabulary Questions

Nouns Pronouns Verbs Modifiers
Concrete Subject Action Adjectives
Abstract Object Physical action Compound adjectives
Common Possesive Abstract action Articles
Proper Reflexive Linking Proper adjectives
Compound Interrogative Helping Prepositions
Collective Demonstrative Modal Adverbs
Possesive Relative Irregular Conjunctive adverbs
Indefinite Vase form Interrogative adverbs
Past form
Past Participle form

Sentence Composition Questions

Present Simple Past Simple Future Simple
Present Continuous Past Continuous Future Continuous
Present Perfect Past Perfect Future Perfect
Present Perfect Continuous Past Perfect Continuous Future Perfect Continuous
Comparative Positive Comparative Negative Superlative Positive
Superlative Negative Irregular Adjective Passive

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